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Coolest Pony Birthday Cake

I was inspired by a professional cake in a magazine and decided to attempt my own amateur version, and was delighted with the results and thought I would share this Pony Birthday Cake with anyone looking for great pony cake ideas.

I used a Betty Crocker cake mix and 2 standard 9″ cake pans. I used butterfrost icing between the layers and smothered the cake in butterfrost icing before using the sugarpaste.

I bought white ready to roll sugar paste and rolled it out and laid it over the cake, neatly tucking it around the sides. I used the aqua ribbon to cover any obvious “creases”. I sprinkled sugar onto the cake to make it look like crystals and pressed them that they wedged into the sugar paste a little. There was a bit of mess, but most stayed on!

The pony is made of the sugarpaste and if you have any playdoh or plastercine experience all it requires is a little patience. Making the pony took me around 2 hours.

Firstly I shaped the body and the neck (about 10 cms) and laid it out on greaseproof paper. I then shaped the head and because it is a “cartoon” horse, the dimensions can be skewed. I used the back of a pencil to make the socket for the eye and a toothpick for the nostrils.

I shaped the legs by rolling the sugarpaste in my fingers and stretched them to make them look dangly. For the hooves I used a pencil once again to give the horseshoe shape.

The tail and main take a little patience and bulk of the time. I used about 4 little pieces for the tail and 6 for the main and fringe. I basically rolled out a piece of icing and then used a toothpick to define the hairs. I raised some and curled them up, to make the hair look soft and flowing.

I then place the horse of the cake and glued it down using a little apricot jam (not sure if that is what the professionals use, but it works for me) and continued to glue the rest of the limbs and hair to the pony body.

Lastly I rolled a little eyeball and placed it in the socket and with a little black writing icing in a small tube I drew on the eyelashed and the pupil.

I then made a little butterfly with the rolled sugar paste and added a sloge of blue icing to match the ribbon and drew in some feelers in the black writing icing again.

My daughter and all her friends loved this cake!

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