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Coolest Girl’s Pony Fanatic Cake

My pony cake was actually supposed to turn out more like a my little pony ( MLP ) cake, but instead I opted to keep it as just a white pony with black hair. It was made with all my love for my daughter who just turned 4.

The beginning process wasn’t easy. Stacked two cakes and crumb coated. I realized long after it had been frozen solid I should have actually stacked three cakes for easier carving, but I didn’t. I ended up stacking pieces of the frozen cut pieces onto the top of the body for the arched back. I then loaded it with icing.

The fondant was not easy. I tried pink first and it didn’t cooperate…. nothing did really. I went through 3 different fondant processes before getting it right.

I got the head on by using paint stir sticks, that didn’t work either. It destroyed the whole front of the cake. I was tempted to give up but I decided to use something else and give my pony cake a great neck. A cleaned out shampoo bottle cut at the top and bottom worked excellent! Slid right into place after I patched the front end of the pony. I made the head out of rice krispie treats. Formed it into the shape I wanted, then put fondant on that.

Then I did the detailing. Made the eyes, the hair, hooves, etc. This was my second time making a complicated cake and was by FAR the absolute hardest. I do not use any kind of pattern or guides. This cake was 100% free hand. It took my about 13 hours spanned over 3 days total.

Homemade Girl's Pony Fanatic Cake

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