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Coolest Pool Ball Cup Cakes

I made these Pool Ball cup cakes using the book Hello Cupcakes. They were so simple! I used a standard white cake mix. Added cupcake liners and filled up half way.

After cooling I frosted them with white icing (just the standard canned icing). Then mixed up colored sugar using food color gels and white sugar. I did find in making the colored sugar that more gel actually made a better color than a less gel. Less made the color ball up and leave huge white crystals.

Then I put saran wrap on the sides to create a line then dipped the striped ones in the colored sugar then the sides in white sugar to give it a uniformed look.

The solid colors I just dipped straight in the colored sugar. Then added a dab of white icing and then wrote the black numbers on the top.

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  1. It looks pretty good exept for i think it’s a little too messy! you should’ve spent more time on it, it would’ve made a difference. still, Bravo!


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