I made two rectangle Victoria sponges, put jam and butter icing on one and stuck the other on top. I made blue Jello in a smaller plastic rectangle. I cut out some of the sponge and placed the blue jello into it. I then butter iced all around the remaining sponge.

Then I unwrapped lots and lots of Starbust and stuck them on as tiles. I used a chewy candy bar as a diving board. I iced all around the cake so could stick Twizzlers around it for the fence and Marzipan to make the ladder and swimming people. I know I could make a better looking cake using rolled icing but I hate the stuff and really wanted to be able to enjoy the taste too.

It was my daughter’s 2nd birthday and she is an awesome swimmer and is just learning to dive so I wanted something to represent that. All the kids at her party loved the blue jello and all the candy they got with the cake, she couldn’t blow out the candles though as it was so windy and every time I got them lit her friend would blow them out.

Parents thought I done a good job and took photo’s to take home and show their friends which made me feel very proud. My daughter loved the cake and enjoyed eating the marzipan representation of her self.