Coolest DIY Billiards Cakes and Lots of Free Cake Recipes

ree Cake Recipes and Ideas for Billiards Cakes

Wow, there are so many amazing and free cake recipes on this site and I used one of them to make this Billiards cake for my twin son’s 13th birthday. It was a surprise cake. Darien and Zach enjoy playing pool and they wanted a special cake to take to church to share with their … Read more

Coolest Pool Table Cake

Coolest Pool Table Cake

As I think I have mentioned before, all of my cake ideas come from my boys…so when one of the boys was turning 4 and had just learned how to play billiards at granny’s house and absolutely LOVED the game (he was good at it too) he asked me for a Pool Table cake for … Read more

Coolest Homemade Billiards Birthday Cake

Billiards Cake

This Billiards cake was made for my hubby’s fortieth birthday. I made individual cupcakes in liners, and attached them with a dab of glue onto a cake board covered in green felt to simulate a pool table. I used a star tip to ice the cupcakes with all the ball colours, including the white ball … Read more

Coolest Billiards Cake

Billiards Cake

Just did this billiards cake for my son’s 13th birthday. They looked really great. Takes quite a bit of time to mix all the proper colours, but you could probably buy most of them premade and ready to use.

Coolest Pool Ball Cup Cakes

Homemade Pool Ball Cup Cakes

I made these Pool Ball cup cakes using the book Hello Cupcakes. They were so simple! I used a standard white cake mix. Added cupcake liners and filled up half way. After cooling I frosted them with white icing (just the standard canned icing). Then mixed up colored sugar using food color gels and white … Read more

Cool Homemade Pool Table Birthday Cake

Homemade Pool Table Birthday Cake

This chocolate Pool Table Birthday Cake was for a friend’s 40th birthday who plays pool. I used a 9″ square cake, cut the side off to make a rectangle and then put the section cut off to the end, to lengthen it. It was covered in chocolate buttercream, and then covered with fondant icing. I … Read more

Coolest Billiard Game Cake Idea

This Billiard Game Cake Idea was a lot of fun and really quite easy to make. I started out with a 15×11” cake pan, and cut the cake in half when it finished baking to create 2 6.5×11” cakes. I stacked and topped with buttercream frosting to seal. I tinted fondant to make the green … Read more

Coolest Billiards Cupcakes

Homemade Billiards Cupcakes

I made these Billiards Cupcakes for Father’s Day. They are white frosted cupcakes decorated with colored decorator’s sugar. The stripe was made using wax paper with a slit cut into it. Then I placed the wax paper on top of the cupcake and rolled it into the sugar. The white circles are sugar wafer candies. … Read more

Coolest Billiard Table Cake Idea

Homemade Billiard Table Cake Idea

This Billiard Table Cake Idea is made with a full sheet cake made of dark chocolate with vanilla Swiss buttercream frosting. The groom requested a pool table cake and wanted the pool balls and everything in chocolate. Each pool ball is a muffin and covered in fondant decorations. The cake is chocolate with rice krispie … Read more

Coolest Pool Table Birthday Cake

Homemade Pool Table Birthday Cake

I made this Pool Table Birthday Cake recently for my dad’s 60th birthday. First I made a white cake. Any cake could be used for this. I used a large rectangle pan, approximately the size of a ¼ a sheet cake. While the cake was cooling I started on the details of the cake. I … Read more

Cool Homemade Pool Table Cake

Homemade Pool Table Cake

This Homemade Pool Table Cake is a half sheet cake for the table with about an inch and a half cut off of both sides. The balls are mini cupcakes. The wood part of the table is fondant and instead of coloring it I “varnished” it with brown color and a sponge. The pool sticks … Read more

Free Cake Recipes and Ideas for Billiards Cakes 1

I made this billiards table by using a 9 x 13 inch pan and using homemade buttercream icing from free cake recipes found on this website. I then created each pool ball; chalk cube and pool stick by using fondant that I tinted. I used a variation on the basket weave for the pockets and … Read more