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Coolest Pregnant Belly Cake

I am posting this Pregnant Belly Cake because I have tons of request for it and wanted help those out that would like to make it. I started out with 4 X 6in round cakes and 1×14 in, 1×12, and 1×10. I leveled all the cake off and then leveled them in the middle to allow for enough filling. I started with the 14 in and frosted a thin amount of cake in between each layer of cake all the way to the 10 in. The I did the same with 2 of the 6 in for each breast of the bust.

Next use a bread cutting knife to crave out the belly shape and breast shape. Frost with buttercream that crusts. Use Viva paper to smooth the belly. Use fondant to shape the base of the foot. Then make 5 small balls, each the size of a toe of a baby, place in order of the top of foot and place on frosted belly cake. Clean board of all frosting and crumbs and roll out the colored fondant. Start with the breast and lay down over the belly, smooth out the belly and shape around the bust. Use pizza cutter to remove extra and shape the fondant at the bottom to look like a dress. Add fondant details and bow.

7 thoughts on “Coolest Pregnant Belly Cake”

  1. This is wonderful! I just wanted to be sure – you are saying you used round flat cakes, instead of a ball? And then layered and shaped, correct? I will use yours as a model for my first attempt! I like that the belly is not perfectly round!

  2. How much do you charge to make this cake. A friend asked me to make her one and how much would i charge i have no idea what to charge, i do no im tired a making everybody cakes for free it gets very expensive.

  3. This cake is amazing! I am in the same boat as T.Miller as to what to charge for a cake like this. The orders pour in when they are free, but it does get expensive to keep giving them away. It would take over an hour to bake this cake and at least 2 cake mixes, plus filling, plus at least 2 boxes fondant. Add in your time and skill level plus any specialty tools/pans needed…I think this cake should be at least $65. Am I wrong?

  4. This cake is beautiful. All the detail and time for this CAKE, you must charge no less than $100.

    Dealing with fondant is not easy.


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