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Coolest Pregnant Belly Cake

I use a 3d ball cake pan from Wilton.com for the breast part of the cake, and I used a Pyrex glass mixing bowl for the belly. I used three boxed cake mixes. I like using a white or yellow mix because I can roll the fondant out thinner using chocolate, gives it a grey look.

After the cakes have cooled completely I brushed off the crumbs then I put a thin layer of icing and let it harden a little. This seals in the crumbs. After this I used a buttercream icing then I rolled the fondant out. I tried to roll it out in one large piece but sometims it doesn’t go as planned so you can do it in two sections, one large piece to cover the belly and a smaller piece to cover the breast You can cover up the seams where the breast meets the belly by adding a strip of colored fondant to make it look like a belt.

I then smoothed out the fondant and added polka dots randomly placed on the cake with different colors. Then I cut the edges of the fondant to make it look like a cute little tank top.

This Pregnant Belly Cake was a lot of fun and pretty easy.

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