I started with a 13×3 cake pan for the base, and the Wilton ball cake pan for the baby rump. But before all that I started work with the decorations. The rattle, shoes, bow, baby feet/legs and binkie were all made a few weeks in advance. And they were made of a mixture of gum paste and fondant. I would have to say the baby shoes took the most time, there were lots of pieces you needed to glue together (gum paste and water) and then the decorations that went on the shoes took time, like the bows and dots.

The baby feet and legs took some time also, but not as much. The baby feet and legs are made of rice krispie treats, the kind you can buy (they are the easiest to shape), covered in skin colored fondant. The cake itself was pretty easy to assemble since the decorations were already done though. I torted and filled the 13 inch base, then covered with white fondant, then also didn’t torte but covered the half of a  ball pan with white fondant.

Then stacked the baby rump onto the 13in base, adding the legs and feet. I also supported the weight of the ball pan a little with some cut straws. Then finished off the cake with some fondant ruffles on the bottom, a purple blankie with white fondant dots and bow, a fondant ribbon around the base. I used tap out letters for the baby’s name, and then added all the decorations I made prior. With some simple decor on the side of the cake it was finished! A ruffle baby rump cake.