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Coolest Present Birthday Cake

I especially like this style of cake. The present cake is always a good cake because it can be used for any occasion. Around Christmas time I would decorate the present with snowflakes or Christmas colors. The same can be done for any holiday. This particular one was for a birthday.

I used a quarter sheet cake, that was flat iced white and airbrushed with pink and pearl white. The bow was done with a flat icer or speed icer tip, and the middle bow part was done with a tip that is made to look like ribbon called a ribbon tip which you can pick up at any craft or cake decorating store. It can even be done with a rose tip in a pinch. Then the bow was also airbrushed with pearl white for that pearlescent look. The tag on the present is where you can write your message, Happy Birthday whoever or Merry Christmas, anything you want. Enjoy !