Coolest Princess and the Frog Cake

I was trying to decide between a Dora or a Ni Hau Kai Lan cake for my daughter’s 3rd birthday when she picked up a beautiful Princess and the Frog Balloon on a trip to Wal-mart. I loved the purple and green colors and decided… A homemade Princess and the Frog Cake it was. I decided to do two tiers… one white cake and the other chocolate.

After we searched all over and couldn’t find a small version of the Princess Tiana doll, I decided to go with her as a frog. So, I made one 3-d frog from fondant and added eyelashes, and a 2nd frog for the Prince. It was lots of fun working with fondant and making lily pads, frogs and flowers for the first time. Oh, and the letters were fondant, I hadn’t done that before either but it was fun.

The bottom cake is white, with white butter cream tinted green. The top cake is chocolate with chocolate and covered in fondant. I like fondant, but my sister requested part of it not to be covered in fondant so I left the bottom cake in butter cream.

I was going to make a green and purple fondant rope to trim the bottom of the cakes, but a package of mini marshmallows left over from an end of the year school party, caught my eye and I thought, “why not?” So, the borders are a pattern of green and yellow mini marshmallows.

One day, I am going to buy dowels to hold up tiers, but until then I used little straws. The little straws were also handy, by cutting in small pieces and using them to hold the #3, the frogs and the flower to the cake like mini pins.

My daughter said this homemade princess and the frog cake was “pretty,” and that made me smile!!!

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