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Coolest Princess Carriage Birthday Cake

For my God Daughter’s 4th birthday she wanted a “princess carriage” cake with a “princess trapped inside”.

To make the Princess Carriage Birthday Cake I stacked 3 round cakes using cherry chocolate filling between each layer then placed dowels and a cardboard cutout that just covered the cakes. On top of that I placed one more round cake and a bundt cake.

I covered the whole thing with buttercream frosting. On the very bottom of the cake I wrapped a strip if green fondant then I draped light blue fondant over the top 3/4 of the cake. A tube of rolled dark and light blue fondant was used to disguise the edge where the blue and green meet and a piece of fondant covered cardboard made a seat.

All the details, which include a mouse on the seat, a darker blue door, a princess in the window, wheels and grass, various flowers and a pumpkin stem with curly qs to hide where the fondant tore), are made with different shades of fondant and small spots of tinted royal icing. Of course I had to add two of her own toy horses to pull it.

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