Coolest Princess Dora Cake

I used the normal Dora Wilton cake pan, but I transformed Dora into a Princess. I made another small cake, cut it into two triangles to make the dress nice and wide at the bottom. I used a Dora Princess party bag as my model for this Princess. The same Princess was on the invitations, the party hats, the table cloth, the napkins, the plates, etc. I also decided, just for fun, to make the inside of the cake into a rainbow!

So I colored the cake mixture into six bright colors, and poured them in on top of each other, cooking to make the psychedelic-looking rainbow cake. I cut a party hat in half, and put the icing straight onto it to create Dora’s Princess hat. After a lot of squeezing, my cake came out beautiful!! I added some little eyelashes to make her look more Princess-y.

Hope you like the Princess Dora Cake! OH, I still have to add a little yellow earring to that ear of hers!

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