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Coolest Pumpkin Birthday Cake

This Pumpkin Birthday Cake was inspired by a pumpkin 1st birthday card that I made for my son and the invitations as well. I also decorated with tiny pumpkins and thus made another bundt cake turned into a pumpkin for my son’s 1st birthday party! I used a bundt pan and iced it with cream cheese icing using Wilton’s orange food coloring.

My husband had the idea of using the plastic cup-like container that fruit in syrup comes in for the pumpkin’s stem and frosted it with green icing. I hand wrote the letters and the leaves with store-bought icing tubes. I also used yellow sugar sprinkles for a finishing touch on the cake.

The chocolate graham crackers crumbled made a nice dirt-like resting place for my pumpkin. The cake was a carrot cake recipe that I found on-line with crushed pineapple. It was a hit and I of course had to take a picture. The fun part was making the vines with the gel glitter icing.

I’ve never made a cake like this one before and I would do it all over. It was very fun!

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