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Coolest Purim Basket Cake

This Purim Basket Cake was made for the Holiday of Purim. It is customary to send gift baskets to friends on Purim, so I put the concept into a cake.

The cake itself is a double layered chocolate cake. I didn’t level the top layer so I could use the height to be able to give the items that were to be placed on the cake a height advantage in the middle.

The layers are covered with chocolate ganache (you can add Kahlua to it for an added flavor. The cake is a chocolate cake made from scratch.

I made items for the basket from fondant. Each item was colored with Wilton color jell, and molded by hand. Small details were painted on either with a brush or a toothpick. Toothpicks were placed in each item to be able to anchor them in place. Each item was laid out to dry on a sheet of baking paper. I made 2 apples, 2 pears, 2 hamentashen, 1 bottle of wine /champagne, 2 chocolate bars, one mask, and one gragger.

The cake itself is covered with a basket weave using the Wilton tip. The top of the cake has a rope design around the circumference, and a leaf tip on the top to imitate Easter grass.

I assembled the cake and put the items into place starting with the center of the cake and moving outward.

The gragger was too top heavy so I anchored it with 2 short candy sticks. To hide the sticks I piped a clown and put a plastic head to top it off.

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