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Coolest Boy Shower Cake

The Boy Shower Cake is covered with baby blue fondant. I used a 10 square on bottom and and 8 square for top tier. I found a bootie template on Wilton but it was for tiny booties so I blew it up to make big booties. You have to make sure you put something inside the booties while they harden up or they could flop in.

I found a baby bottle chocolate mold at a candy store and just used fondant instead, white, blue, and brown for nipple and I used fondant glue to assemble it to stay together. The little clothes and onsies I cut out of fondant by eye. Same for the rattle, pacifier and blocks. I have fondant ribbon on the sides and back with little buttons dusted silver. I also have diaper pin on side made also with a mold. I used silverish blue ribbon for laces cause I have not purchased a string puller yet.

The bunny on the front was from one of my kids cookie cutter kits and i thought adding it was a cute touch under the clothes line.

Homemade Boy Shower Cake

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