Coolest Quilting Cake Ever!

I created this quilting cake for the mother of a good friend of mine. Her mother loves to quilt, so I knew the items on the cake had to be somewhat realistic. My great grandmother was a quilter so it was kind of a pet cake of mine at the time. Although I knew my friend only needed a small cake for a family dinner, I just wanted this cake to be so much more than a simple dinner cake.

As I began to look at real quilt patterns to gain inspiration, I fell in love with all of the wonderful patterns and types of quilts out there. What an amazing craft. It felt so awesome to be creating a cake that I knew my late great grandmother would have loved for herself.

As I began to work on the “quilt” for my cake, I created different designs and textures on many different colors of fondant, and then cut the little squares and triangles to create the pattern. It was terribly time consuming, but oh so worth the extra effort.

The cake underneath the “quilt” was solid white with white trim leaving all the more room for the quilt on top to pop. The pin cushion, thread spools, needle, and measuring tape were all created using marshmallow fondant.

Laying out this adorable pattern in fondant actually made me want to take up quilting myself. Art is art…no matter the medium. I have a love for all things creative and that is what this cake represents for me.

The mom loved her cake. She posted it on her facebook page and told me it was the greatest cake ever. Although it is one of my smaller cakes, it has been a favorite of so many of my friends.  The wonderful photography my friend provided of it also helps so much to bring it to life. It is amazing how different a cake can look under great light and in front of someone who knows how to use a camera!