Coolest Pumpkin Wedding Cake

Coolest Pumpkin Wedding Cake

This pumpkin wedding cake was definitely my most challenging, yet rewarding cake. Everything went perfect through the decorating process. I was so incredibly proud of this massive, amazing cake. It was literally so large that the pan used to bake the layers for the bottom pumpkin wouldn’t even allow my oven to close. That was … Read more

Coolest Space Rocket Cake

Rocket Cake

My son was obsessed with all things space. Rockets, planets, moons….space aliens. When his birthday rolled around I knew just what to create… a rocket cake. It couldn’t be just any rocket cake. It had to be amazing! He has seen so many cute kid’s cakes and had developed a bit of an attitude about … Read more

Little Johnny the Friendly Ghost Cake

Little Johnny

I created this adorable little Johnny the friendly ghost cake guy for my son’s preschool class. I boldly volunteered for room mom duties and Halloween is the first class celebration of the new school year, so I had to create something everyone would love. How better to get your name out there and attract new … Read more

Coolest Quilting Cake Ever!

Quilt Cake

I created this quilting cake for the mother of a good friend of mine. Her mother loves to quilt, so I knew the items on the cake had to be somewhat realistic. My great grandmother was a quilter so it was kind of a pet cake of mine at the time. Although I knew my … Read more

Coolest Undercover Superman Cake

Texture on Tie

I created this adorable undercover Superman cake for my husband of 11 years for his 38th birthday. He really is a superman to our family and he was so deserving of the cake. I usually let him pick his own cake theme, but this year I wanted it to be a surprise. This particular design … Read more

Coolest Tornado and House Cake

I am a home/hobby baker and created a few party cakes for my son’s kindergarten class. Every year the local weather man comes to each school in the area to talk to the kindergarten children and the school usually gives him a little cake as a thank you. Over the past 35 years it has … Read more

Awesome Giant Burger Cake

Awesome Giant Burger Cake

I am a home/hobby baker. My son’s preschool teacher asked me to create a hamburger cake for a birthday in her family. I was a little timid about the request so I scoured the internet for videos and how too articles on making cake look realistic as other food. I dove in with my new … Read more

Coolest 3D Buddy the Monkey Cake

Coolest 3D Buddy the Monkey Cake

I am a home/hobby baker and often get asked to make baby shower cakes and it seems everyone I know is having a baby these days. They usually send me a picture of the bedding as inspiration. When I received the picture this time it had an adorable little monkey face on it so I … Read more