Coolest R2D2 Cake

My nephew was having a Jedi training party for his 5th birthday. My sister-in-law requested whatever cake I thought I could do to match the theme. After looking on this site, I was sure that I could do the R2D2 3-D cake.

I used half a Wilton ball pan for top and then four 6-inch rounds for the body. The legs were done by cutting the correct shapes from one 8-inch square cake. The hardest part was decorating the details.

I tried to find pictures online of all sides of R2D2 to make it as accurate as possible. (They were tough to find.) I also have trouble keeping a steady hand with straight lines and details, but the finished product was good enough not to really notice.

I added a couple of pieces of cake on the top for cameras and such and did all the frosting with home made butter cream in the correct colors.

I also made a 13×9 inch “Jedi training certificate” cake to go with it because there were around 25 kids AND their parents at this party and I wanted to be sure there was enough cake.

However, every kid wanted a piece of the “head” so my sister-in-law cut these tiny little pieces to give everyone some. No one asked for seconds and most of the cake was left over! (All the better for the family to eat after the party!)