Coolest R2D2 Cake

I love this website! It helped me so much with a lot of my cakes. I made this R2D2 for my friend’s son. He was turning 5. He loves Star Wars.

I found several versions of this on here and they were all great. Thanks so much for posting your pics. I just wanted to share mine. The body of the robot is 3 layers, I think the pan was about 18″ diameter.

Then for the head, I used a dome shaped bowl. The legs were cut from a sheet cake. All in all, I used six cake mixes and a bunch of icing (4 2lb bags of confectioners sugar). But it was so worth it.

I made the eye out of cardboard and a little round flashlight tip cover with silver paint. The red eye is a cinnamon candy and the wires on the legs were torn apart twizzlers. I had to thread them with broke in half toothpicks in order to get them stuck in cake.

Took over 10 hours to assemble and icing. He loved it though!!

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