Coolest R2D2 Birthday Cake

For this R2D2 Birthday Cake I sculpted the legs from rice cereal, iced them and covered them with fondant.

The body is made from six 2” high 10” round cakes that I stacked and sculpted. The cake sits on a 9” diameter platform that is bolted to the bottom board through a 4” diameter PVC coupler. The coupler was the perfect height to use for the middle foot. There is also a ½” dowel running from the middle of the head through to the bottom board. From the bottom board to the top of R2’s head was about 17”.

I iced the cakes and covered them with fondant. To get the silver color on the head and decorations I first sprayed the fondant lightly with black coloring to get a gray speckled appearance. Then, I mixed silver luster dust with vodka and sprayed the fondant until it looked metallic. The cooper wires on the feet were done in a similar manner using copper luster dust.

The eye is made from the bottom of an ice cream cone cover with fondant and secured with a wooden skewer. The legs were secured to the body using wooden skewers as well. I hid the holes with the decorations.

The cake was Guinness Chocolate with ganache filling. There were a lot of firsts for me with this cake. This is my first sculpted cake and it was my first attempt at using my new airbrush. I used homemade marshmallow fondant for the first time and really enjoyed working with and eating it. It tastes so much better than the Wilton pre-made fondant.


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  1. Truly an amazing creation! Absolutely beautiful (& it’s a robot! Beauty is not required, lol). I’m a beginner, but this is an example of what I hope to be able to (eventually) achieve. Kudos!!


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