Coolest Wizard of Oz Birthday Cake

Coolest Wizard of Oz Birthday Cake

This cake was for my cousin’s step-daughter. She wanted a yellow brick road cake with the Emerald City on it. I started by making the Emerald City out of chocolate. I melted the chocolate, added some edible glitter to the pan I was pouring it in, then poured and let it dry. I used a … Read more

Sweet Homemade Baby Belly Cake

Homemade Baby Belly Cake

This baby belly cake turned out beautiful! I did a sheet cake and then used a round bowl for the belly. Then I took two cupcakes(overfilled) for the boobs. I don’t like using the fondant too much, but I wanted the drape look for the dress. I kneaded the color into white fondant, then rolled … Read more

Coolest Homemade Carousel Cake

Homemade Carousel Cake

I made this Carousel cake for my daughter’s sixth birthday. At first, she wanted a My Little Pony cake, but then she came up with the idea of putting ponies on a carousel. Not exactly sure what I was going to do, I started with a deep 16″ diameter round cake pan and filled it … Read more

Coolest Dinosaur Theme Cake Idea

Homemade  Dinosaur Theme Cake Idea

This Dinosaur Theme Cake Idea was for my best friend’s son who was turning 5. He loves dinosaurs and volcanoes. I suggested some of the cool dinosaur cakes from this site, but he insisted he wanted a volcano in there. So I started with a big sheet cake pan( probably a 12″x18″ or so) then … Read more

Coolest Dinosaur Cake

Homemade M&M Dinosaur Cake

Thanks so much for all the great pics of cakes. This dinosaur cake I did for my son on his 2nd birthday. He loved dinosaurs and he loved M&M’s. I don’t remember exactly where I found the idea. I made a sheet cake using 2 cake mixes, that way it would come out extra big … Read more

Coolest Homemade Guitar Birthday Cake

Homemade Guitar Birthday Cake

I made this Guitar cake for a friend’s daughter who was turning ten. She was having a “diva dress-up music party” and wanted a guitar cake. I started with a large 18″ x 12″ sheet cake pan and filled it with two cake mixes. I then made two more cakes using a guitar-shaped pan and … Read more

Coolest R2D2 Cake

Homemade R2D2 Cake

I love this website! It helped me so much with a lot of my cakes. I made this R2D2 for my friend’s son. He was turning 5. He loves Star Wars. I found several versions of this on here and they were all great. Thanks so much for posting your pics. I just wanted to … Read more

Coolest Homemade Firetruck Birthday Cake

Homemade Firetruck Birthday Cake

I made this Firetruck cake for my son’s fourth birthday. He loves firetrucks and wanted an actual firetruck cake. I got ideas from this website and all of the cakes were wonderful ideas. I started with a large loaf pan, probably a 17″ or 18″ long by 6″ wide. I used it twice; once with … Read more

Coolest Softball Cake

Homemade Softball Cake

I did this softball cake for a friend’s daughter. She was turning 9 and she loved playing softball. I started with a 13×9″ sheet cake. I used a small glass bowl for the softball and baked two of them. Then I shaved it down and placed them together. I then started the icing process. I … Read more