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Coolest Raccoon Birthday Cake

For this adorable homemade raccoon birthday cake I used the Wilton 3D bear pan and did some carving once it cooled completely. It’s best to use pound cake when making this cake. The carving aspects involved the following:

1) Shave the ears and cheeks to bring them to a point or triangle shaped (save these pieces b/c they can be used to extend the nose).

2) Cut off the tip of the feet & use them to shape/fill-out the legs and feet so it looks like he is sitting.

3) The tree stump is just round stacked cakes, cut the tops off so they are level and use the scrapes to make the tail.

The “bark” on the stump was done by running the spatula up & done the iced cake. The “hair” on the raccoon was done using the grass tip and the arm & leg portions were outlined in black. I used fishing line for the whiskers. When he was finally complete he was so cute I had to give him a name; I came up w/ Ricky.

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