Coolest Shark Cake

This shark cake was a 5th grade graduation cake for a girl who loves sharks. I saw the other shark cakes on this site but chose to make my own design. This is a personal size cake using 2 regular sized cupcakes to shape the shark and a 9 inch round cake for the water. You will need black food coloring. I used a large tub of whipped topping and divided it. I used a few drops of black food coloring to dye whipped topping grey to frost shark. I used 1 box of vanilla cake mix and divided it into a 9 inch pan and 12 cupcake mold pan. You won’t use all 12 cupcakes. Reserve these in case you make mistakes when carving the shark.

After cupcakes are baked and cooled removed the cupcake wrapper and cut the top off one cupcake. You will just have the cupcake bottom (stump). Reserve. Then slice off 1/3 off the front of the cupcake top. You will use these pieces to shape the shark. Frost the 9 inch cake with white whipped topping leaving the middle area unfrosted to put the shark in the middle of water. Shape topping to look like water/waves. I used Wilton blue color mist food color spray to air brush the waves. You can also mix blue food coloring.  But I found the color mist to be easier.

Next put the cupcake bottom (stump) on the unfrosted area of 9 inch cake. Frost the stump grey. Fill any gaps with white whipped topping. Gather the remaining pieces of cut up cupcake top and position pieces to shape achieve shark head and mouth shape. Frost head and mouth grey. Don’t worry if at first it doesn’t exactly look like a shark head you will use the rest of grey frosting to achieve correct shape. I used red air head candy strip to shape inside of shark mouth. Red fruit roll ups will do.

The teeth are white candy coated sunflower seeds that I found at party city. Position the sunflower seeds as desired to look like shark teeth. I used only one row of teeth but real sharks have rows of teeth piled up as I was informed by child’s mother. I used black decorating icing to decorate as seen on photo. The fin is a cookie cut into triangle shape and frosted grey. You can also cut a piece of cupcake into a triangle and frost as needed but it gets too moist and might fall off. Continue to frost and shape water as needed around shark. The grad girl said she liked my gift of the shark cake the best and was going to eat it all by herself.

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