My twin 6 year old boys LOVE trains! For the past few years they have requested train cakes. I was out of ideas and one day while waiting for a train I hopped out of the car and took a picture of the crossing with my phone. And that is where this railroad crossing gate cake began.

My husband took cardboard and cut out a design we could use as our guide. I used a Wilton cake pan that would hold 2 cake mixes at a time. I baked 3 of these (6 cake mixes total). After removing the cakes from the pan and letting them freeze (overnight) we began cutting the cakes into the pieces we needed per our design. The best part was  our creation. No set of directions per say.

I made the butter cream frosting from a family recipe. The hardest part is I make two cakes. One for each of the boys. Even though they are twins I want them each to have a special cake! Getting the colors to match isn’t easy. This cake was pretty easy to make. Just remember to grease the pan good so the cake slides out. My twins were so EXCITED and loved them along with everyone else. For me it’s about making memories….one birthday cake at a time!