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Cool Homemade Red Baron Snoopy Cake

The Red Baron Snoopy Cake was for a friend of my daughter’s mom and she is a HUGE Snoopy fan.

For the bottom section I used 2 9″ yellow cakes leveled. I covered the 1st layer with a thin coat of chocolate icing and then used white icing for the dam to hold in the cherry pie filling in she requested.

For the house I used a 9×4 loaf pan that also was leveled and then cut into 2 – 4 1/2 pieces that were also stacked and filled with white icing.

Both parts were dirty iced, covered, and placed in the fridge to cool. Afterwards they were both covered in buttercream icing dyed to the color needed.

The Snoopy I made with fondant icing and held together with toothpicks. The roof was a piece of cardboard covered in foil and then covered in fondant along with the bullet holes. The Woodstock was a Happy Meal toy that was found by my aunt.

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