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Coolest Snoopy Birthday Cake

My son, ever the little party planner, decided that this year his birthday would have a Snoopy Theme Park theme, and he drew me a picture in his seven-year-old artistry of Snoopy standing front-and-center in front of a roller coaster and a Ferris wheel, with Woodstock flying around near him, and all the characters in the coaster.

Well, how could I possibly let him down and not make him a Snoopy Birthday Cake? Usually I build my cakes, they’re usually 3D scenes rather than pictures. So with some trepidation I found pictures of the characters online and then I drew a sketch of the cake top. Once I was satisfied with the pencil sketch, I marked the picture into the frosting with a bamboo skewer. I had to keep putting the cake back in the fridge because the frosting kept getting all melty.

Once I got my sketch in the frosting, I started to work. I used numbers 1, 2, and 3 drawing tips, and one little flower one, I forget which size. I mixed my colors using my handy dandy little tubs of color purchased at the local craft store. I had to get a bunch more tips and couplers than I have had in the past, and I’m glad I did because the smaller tips kept getting jammed and I had to keep taking them off and cleaning them out.

And the result was both pretty darn awesome and delicious. One piece made it to the end of the party, and that only lasted until the next day, when my husband ate it.

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