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Coolest Red Baron Snoopy Cake

First I did a couple free hand drawings to become familiar with Snoopy (got those off of the internet). While the cake was baking I went a head and pre made some of my colors that I’d needed. I used Wilton gel colors, Christmas red, golden yellow, and black. Put them in the fridge so they’d be better at holding their shape etc. when I was ready to use them.

Once the cake was done and cooled I then did a crumb coat (a coating that seals in crumbs and helps with presentation) I put the cake in the fridge for about a half hour to let the crumb coat do it’s work. After, I frosted the rest of the cake using cream cheese frosting and began my outline first of snoopy, then filled in the colors after.

Hope you enjoy my Red Baron Snoopy Cake, and hope some of this helps in your cake making too! This one was for my husbands birthday but usually I do extra special ones for my children, baking is def. my ultimate hobby.

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