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Coolest Rockets Basketball Cake

I made this Rockets Basketball Cake for my friend’s 22nd birthday – hence the number 22 on the jersey. She loves the Houston Rockets and I knew she’d love the themed cake.

The cake itself is made of 2 layers of red velvet, simply store-bought cake mix, baked in 9 by 13 in cake pans. I frosted the outside of the cake with cream cheese frosting then covered the cake with white fondant.

I made it appear like wooden flooring by taking a blunt knife (butter knife) and “cutting into”/indenting the fondant to look like panels of wood. I then colored the fondant by taking some orange and brown icing coloring and diluted it with water and painted it on to the white fondant with a sponge/foam brush found at a craft store. (I took a small bowl, added a little bit of water and wet the brush before going in with the dye) It really gives it that wood-stained look.

The basketball is not edible. It’s a 5 inch Styrofoam ball, iced and then covered in fondant that was colored orange. It was tricky and it’s not perfect. I colored fondant black and added the stripes on the ball. (Attached with dabs of water) After letting it set, I then added more fondant in red and white to look like the netting and goal.

The Rockets logo was hand cut with a scalpel. Letters were cut out with the fondant letter cut-out set purchased at Michael’s craft store.

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