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Awesome Homemade 3D Rubber Ducky Birthday Cake

This Homemade Rubber Ducky Birthday Cake was NOT difficult, just time consuming and tedious. After browsing this site, my almost-4-year-old wanted a “duck made out of cake” as opposed to a cake with a rubber ducky on it. So I bought the pan for under $10 at the craft store with a coupon.

I used a pound cake mix and followed their baking directions very carefully. I do not like bought frosting so I always make my own. It’s much easier to work with and tastes way better. I didn’t follow their frosting directions and wish I had, frost the beak first. It’s easier that way.

I used a wet basting brush to smooth the beak. I put a light crumb coat of frosting on under the piped stars, so if I had any gaps it wouldn’t show as much. I used a blue m&m for the eye. For the washtub I put some upside down plastic containers in the bottom, cut out a piece of cardboard to fit the opening, and covered it with foil and blue frosting to look like water in the tub.

I made the soap and bubbles out of frosting (powdered sugar, Crisco, clear vanilla, milk) that I had added powdered sugar to until it was stiff enough to mold like clay, I had read that somewhere in another cake. I think it’s similar to fondant, only it tastes much better. I think you can maybe add a dab of corn syrup for pliability.

I had letters that are made for frosting to stamp “soap” in it. It was a big hit and most importantly, my daughter LOVED it. I started almost a week before the party in case I had a problem, and just kept everything in the fridge; no problems with that. Try it!

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  1. Hello Kerry!

    I’m just talking to your Mother. This cake looks
    very very good, congratulations. What a talent.
    I think I should put my order in.
    Love you guys, Eva and Tony


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