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Coolest Rubber Ducky Cake

A friend of mine asked me to make her daughter’s first birthday cake. The party theme was Rubber Duckys. I wanted to make a large rubber ducky cake, but couldn’t find the Wilton 3D cake pan when I needed it( Even though I had seen it before, I took a whole morning calling all the stores in my area and no one had it!). So I decided on the bathtub instead, and I’m glad I did! Everyone loved it!

I baked two 10×14 inch pan cakes, put them together with buttercream frosting (I’m not big on buttercream, I have yet to find a buttercream recipe that I love), then cut out the middle of the top layer. I put a layer of frosting over the whole thing(even the inside) and covered the whole thing with white fondant, minus the inside-bottom of the tub. One package of Wilton premade fondant(under $6 at walmart) turned out to be plenty for the cake and all the ‘accessories’.

I formed the faucet, soap, and washcloth out of fondant(I colored the yellow with Wilton paste coloring, kneaded into the fondant), and the hot/cold meters were m&m’s. I filled in the bathtub with buttercream frosting colored blue, and placed the duckies inside.

My plan was to put bubbles all over the inside and even down the side of the tub, but my husband didn’t want me to, he said he thought it was great without them, so I left them out except the few coming off the soap bar, which was a nice touch. Those were made out of rolled up fondant.

This was a great cake that was a big hit! And really not hard to make at all!

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  1. Just wanted to thank you for posting this. I made the cake for my son’s first birthday today! It was a HUGE hit! Everyone absolutely loved it!


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