Coolest RV Birthday Cake

For my Dad’s birthday this year, I decided to create an RV out of cake and fondant. My parents just bought a brand new camper not even a week ago, but my Dad really wanted an RV… so that’s just what I got him!

I used two 13×9 sheet cake pans, cut them both in half, then shaped it with a sharp knife. Then I made a batch of butter-cream fondant (this was my first time using/making fondant). Warning: fondant can be VERY hard to use… my nerves were shot. I added food coloring to some leftover fondant after I covered the RV. Then I just shaped out different things for detail work.

I covered toothpicks in fondant for the antennae, and used toothpicks to securely attach the awning. Lastly, I piped some grass around the whole cake. After about 3 hours, the homemade RV birthday cake was finished. Hope you like it!

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