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Easy Homemade Sand Castle Birthday Cake with Flags

this Sand Castle Birthday Cake serves 40. This fun in the sun choice tasted like s’mores because of the chocolate cake, marshmallow cream and graham cracker sand.

You will need:

Various sized circular pans (I used ones I already had to create a design)

Box of graham crackers

Sugar cones

Three chocolate cake mixes

One vanilla and one chocolate frosting

One marshmallow cream

Blue gummy candies

One or two tubes of blue piping gel

Four chopsticks or skewers

Flags– toothpicks, card stock and tape

Optional— mini marshmallows to stir into cake mix or place between cake layers, candy rocks/seashells for decoration.

I baked three different sized circles about three inches high. To get the right shapes, I used dental floss to cut the cakes as needed. For example one cake had a huge muffin top that I wanted to shave off (and eat of course;-). I stacked the layers with marshmallow cream between each layer and frosted the whole castle with vanilla and chocolate frosting mixed together to get the sandiest color I could. Then I stuck in specifically cut chopsticks into the cake where I wanted the sugar cone towers to stand. Then I covered the whole thing with graham cracker sand that I made by putting graham crackers in the blender.

I placed blue gummy candies around the cake to form a moat. Then I squeezed blue piping gel from a tube on top of the candies. It took me a total of four hours (not including cooling time), but if I make it again it will be much faster because I do not need to invent the wheel. It was a huge hit at our beach party.

Homemade Sand Castle Birthday Cake

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