Coolest School Bus Cake

The biggest challenge for me was calculating the measurements of the school bus cake. I started out by baking three 9×13 cakes. After cooling I did trim approx 1 inch off of the length of each cake, so it was approx. 8×13 inches. I then trimmed about 4 inches off of the width of two of the cakes. I stacked the layers with the shortest two on the top.

I did not frost between the layers in fear they might slide. I then frosted the cake in yellow/gold (using concentrated food coloring that can be purchased at craft stores to tint my homemade icing). Once dry, I used white icing for all of the windows which I then trimmed in black.

I used a regular sized vanilla wafer for the driver and mini vanilla wafers for all the little kiddos. I designed the kids hair color and style to match each child coming to the party. I used small donuts for the wheels and black licorice for the bumpers. I used Mentos for the lights and red hots for the flashers. I had a difficult time making the stop sign of any edible materials so I ended up making it out of paper and holding it in place with a Popsicle stick.

6 thoughts on “Coolest School Bus Cake”

  1. I was wondering if I could find anyone in my area that makes cakes like this. I need it for a very special friend of mine whose birthday is coming up this month. She is also into buses. She is the one who trains us. thanks

  2. I’m in Wisconsin I make cakes like this. I just wanted to say thank you all so much for posting all your cakes. They give me so many different ideas. Please keep the pictures coming!

  3. Each year I made a cake for my nieces and nephews entering kindergarten. Last year my own daughter started and I made her one as well. I used a recipe from a magazine. Every year it was difficult to make and I had a new problem each year. This cake looks similar but structurally it will not have the same problems. Thank you. I am making it this week and will respond when complete.


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