This was a scrabble cake for an 80th birthday. The lady is Scrabble (board game) fanatic. I baked a large, square fruit cake and covered it in fondant icing. Then I rolled out green fondant icing about 1/2cm thick just a bit wider than the cake and left it to dry and harden for a few days before placing on top of the cake.

The lines on the “Scrabble board” where drawn on using a ruler and a pen with edible, black ink. I made the square letter counters from fondant icing and again used the edible ink pen to draw on the letters. I then spelt out ‘Happy Eightieth Birthday’ and her name using some of the letter counters on top of the cake and placed the spare ones at the side of the cake or on the counter holders, spelling ‘gift’ and her surname.

I also made a little pen and score pad from fondant icing. The counter holders are brown fondant icing with dark blown food colour lightly brushed with a small paint brush to give a wood effect.

The only part of the cake that was not edible were the champagne bottle candles and that actual cake board itself.

It took me about a week to make it to allow for drying time etc. The 80 year old lady Scrabble player was absolutely delighted with her cake!