Coolest Ladybug Cake

My daughter’s 1st birthday was fast approaching and I wasn’t sure what to do. Then it hit me, we are always calling her “our little lady,” so I decided to do a ladybug birthday for her. I know that traditionally the first birthday is important to have a smash cake or a messy cake that the kids can eat and all the family members can get pictures to embarrass them with at their 18th birthday. So in honor of that tradition I had to turn this ladybug cake into a smash cake.

I knew I wanted two tiers but I wanted the top tier to be the ladybug and her cake to smash. I made a bottom cake that was eight inches by 4 inches high and covered it with a minty green fondant. I then made the lady bug by leveling and torting a six inch circle round cake that was four inches high and then began to shave off cake until I had the desired shape of a ladybug. I covered the back part of the bug in red and the head in black fondant. I had lots of problems with the antennas because they kept breaking but finally I got it. I added black dots to the bug and also added some facial features to it with fondant.

As for the bottom tier I wanted it to be garden like and girly so I went with small ladybugs buzzing around and flowers of course. I made a tag from fondant and piped “Haylee” onto it.  The lady bug trails were made using a food writer pen, much easier then piping. I made the flowers from Martha Stewart sewing gum paste molds. They were cute and whimsical.

The cakes were white cake and raspberry filling which seems to be a favorite in my house.  The kids always ask for mommy’s cake but someday I hope they switch it up because I am getting bored with it. I had so much fun making a girl cake and I can’t wait to see what we come up with in the future.


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