I started this Seahawk football cake with a large, rectangular pan, making four layers of cake–2 white, 1 blue and 1 green. I added raspberry filling between each layer. I then frosted the entire cake with butter cream frosting.  The fun part started when I cut out the end zones in dark blue fondant (homemade), added the white fondant lines, and cut out blue fondant footballs (I printed off a football that I found online, cut it out, then traced along the edges to cut out the football).

The green grass is butter cream frosting.  The Seahawk emblem took me some time to make.  First, I printed out the Seahawk emblem that I found online.  I placed wax paper over it, then piped royal icing over it.  I made two–both of them were extremely fragile and broke. So, I did it all over again using color flow.  It worked much better!  I placed small wooden dowels into the cake and just placed the Seahawk emblem on top.

My son loved it and, best of all, the cake was moist and yummy!