My son absolutely loves Sesame Street and so when choosing the theme for his third birthday it was a no-brainer. His two favorite characters are of course Elmo and Cookie Monster.

I made this Sesame Street Birthday Cake Design using an 11×14 rectangular pan. There are three layers (vanilla/chocolate/vanilla) separated with chocolate icing. I dirty iced the cake first with vanilla icing and once cooled I iced again with the same vanilla frosting (store-bought). The Elmo and Cookie heads were made with 3 inch round cake pans that I carved into an oval shape once cooled. I cut out an indentation where their mouths are and filled it in with black Wilton tube icing that was smoothed over.

I used the #23 tip to make the red and blue Wilton tube icing have a “fur” appearance. Fondant was used for eyes with a dab of black icing and fondant colored orange for Elmo’s nose. I crumbled mini chocolate chop cookies to make it look like they were coming out of Cookie Monster’s mouth.

I used colored store bought fondant and cut-outs to create the letters/numbers for the top and sides of the cake. It was a relatively easy cake to make and it was enjoyed by all in attendance at the party.