Coolest Sesame Street Cupcakes

It was my son’s 1st birthday and Sesame Street cupcakes was the way to go. I bought sandwich bags(for piping), large and mini cupcake liners, two boxes of cake mix, three cans of vanilla frosting, 1 jar of Nutella or could use a can chocolate frosting , and one bag of candy corn and one bag of mini chocolate chips.

I bought a pack of McCormicks’ food coloring drops and 3 containers of crystallized decorating sugar crystals (red, green and blue). I set up 5 plastic disposable cups, each with vanilla frosting and dropped the food coloring in until desired color was obtained. (Yellow=Big Bird, Red= Elmo, Red+Yellow=Ernie, Blue=Cookie Monster & Grover, Blue+Yellow=Oscar the Grouch). Reserve some for piping on eyes and noses.

Baked cupcakes, let cool, then frosted and pulled out the DVD covers to look at the characters’ faces. I dipped the Elmos, Cookie Monsters, and Oscar the Grouches in the sugar crystals. Put frosting into sandwich bags (1 plain, 1 orange, 1 pink, 1 yellow, 1 blue, 1 chocolate frosting) and snipped the corner to pipe on eyes and noses. Mini chocolate chips inserted tip first for eyes. I then proceeded to decorate. (sorry Grover cupcakes were all eaten b4 pic was taken).

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