Coolest Sex in the City Theme Cake

This Sex in the City Theme Cake was made for a friend’s sister’s Sex in the City themed birthday party.

The Louis Vutton purse was made of layers of chocolate hazelnut cake with Nutella as the filling. I then shaved off some of the top layer to get the purse look. I covered it in chocolate fondant then painted with gold edible paint, The handles are made from gumpaste with skewers in them and through the cake, also painted with edible gold paint.

The Manolo Blahnik shoes (replica from the movie) were made of cranberry and peanut butter chocolate melts using a shoe chocolate mold and the silver balls are dragees that I stuck into melted chocolate melts that I first cut into a square on wax paper before microwaving a few seconds.

The Shoe box was a lime/limoncello flavored cake with limoncello icing as the filling between the layers and under the fondant. I carved the shape of the shoe into the top layer before covering with fondant and only did a half a shoe mold for the one in the cake.

The martini glass if filled with Cosmopolitan jelly beans.

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  1. This is an absolutely Gorgeous cake! I am about to work on my own purse shoe combo can you tell me where I can find a shoe mold and how expensive are they? Thanks so much!


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