Coolest Sigma Graduation Two Tier Cake

I was asked to make a cake for a dear friend, who’s son was graduating from FAMU as a Sigma.

I used Fat Daddios brand cake pans – one considered as a 1/2 sheet and the other as a 1/4 sheet. Both tiers each have 2 layers of cake each with icing in between layers. I learned that baking and freezing the cakes a day ahead helps with the icing for crumb coating as well as setting the fondant. I’ve also recently invested in using “the mat” to assist in folling out fondant and applying it to the cake with ease.

For each tier, I leveled, iced (in between) and layered them, then added the crumb coating of icing (crumb coating is the thin layer of icing that is then allowed to set which will help to avoid cake crumbs in you final icing layer or before applying fondant, for a smoother finish). I also used both Wilton letter cutouts and Fat Daddios letter cutouts (those were the bigger letters).

When I presented the cake to my friend, her and her entire family couldn’t stop asking me how I did it, how long it took (ummm, 5+ hours, I’m new at this!) and if I plan on going into business officially.

This Sigma Graduation Two Tier Cake is my first time EVER posting a pic of any of my cakes online in a public domain, so…

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  1. What a great job!! I truly think you did a great job and the more you keep working at it the better they will keep coming out. Congrats on your new adventures in baking!!

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