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Coolest Topsy Turvy Graduation Cake

This Topsy Turvy Graduation Cake was made at the request of my neice. She wanted a special cake for her graduation party. I made this cake with a heavy pound cake weight layer. Tiers are 14 inch, 10 inch and 6 inch. Each layer is made in 3 parts. First layer is the acutal 14, 10, or 6 inch layer. Then take the second 14, 10 or 6 inch layer and cut from top right corner to bottom left corner. Making a crazy wide triangle. Flip the triangle over on itself. This goes on top of which ever layer you are working on (14, 10 or 6inch) You are left with a tier that has straight sides and a very slanted top. Do this for each tier.

Then carve out a small “bed” to set each tier in when you are stacking. I recommend using seperator plates, this cake will get heavy. You can carve the sides to get even more slope to make the effect even more drastic. All are iced in a heavy butter cream icing and then fondant is cut into diamonds and strips to make the patterns. The top tier was completely covered in fondant to make the mortar board. I used a small square peice of cardboard to make the top of the hat. Very fun to make and my neice was overjoyed with the final product.

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