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Coolest Skatepark Birthday Cake

This is a Skatepark birthday cake that my mom and I made for my brother’s 13th birthday. It is a chocolate devil’s food cake, covered in gray fondant and buttercream icing.

He has various ramps etc., so we tried to simulate those. I used two 12×18 cakes, made my own marshmallow fondant and a crusting butter cream icing. The floor for the half pipe is white fondant brushed with watered down ivory food coloring gel. The wall is made from a piece of cardboard covered in a thin layer of butter cream to use as the glue to hold the gray fondant on.

I printed a graffiti font from the internet, traced around it on white fondant and hand painted them with gel coloring. The only things not edible on the actual cake are the skateboards.

This cake was not difficult to do, however I wouldn’t use a devil’s food cake again because it seemed to be quite fragile when I was putting the crumb coat on, which in effect made my fondant edges not quite as sharp as I like.

12 thoughts on “Coolest Skatepark Birthday Cake”

  1. Good job! I’m doing a cake for a teenage boy who is into skateboarding and this has really helped me with ideas, Thanks!

  2. I am wondering do you do cakes for kids birthdays
    because I really love the skateboard cake that is posted on this website.I would really love that for my son.

  3. I would love to do this for my son’s birthday on Saturday!! Could you tell me how you did this?? More just how you cut the pieces of cake and could I do this with 9×13 pans? or do I need the bigger ones? Please and thanks.

  4. i would love to make this for my son bday party his theme is DC and Tony Hawk ..if u can give me any info on what kind of cake to use would be helpful coloring and fondant i could do..thank you very much.

  5. I am not really a cake maker. I am only attempting to try it. can you please help me with the icing? do i lay buttercream down then the fondant????

  6. Would Love to know what you used for the red rail.
    looks great. I’m constructing something similar this friday and the rail looks great (as does the rest of the cake) :)

  7. Just want to say what an amazing job you have done on this cake – so much so my son wants the same for his 10th Birthday :)
    Can you please let me know the size of the cake tin/s you used?


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