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Skatepark Birthday Cake

This cake was for my son Loki’s 6th Birthday at the skatepark. He is into skateboarding so I figured a skatepark cake would be awesome for him.

I started out with 2 sheet cakes (1 layer chocolate and 1 layer yellow)put buttercream between the layers then a layer of around the whole cake. Then I covered the top of the cake in a mixture of blue green & black colored buttercream for the floor.

I cut out the stairs then covered them with a few small pieces of fondant. I made the sides with green buttercream because its his favorite color and wrote ENTRANCE and put the WARNING sign up which was out of fondant. The ramps, brick wall and pool were made of gum paste 4 days ahead of time so they would have time to dry.

Ramps were molded over a bottle and flower shaper then little yellow pieces rolled out for “grinding” and some fondant to cover gaps. I also used some mini Hershey’s to keep it a little more sturdy.

The Brick Wall had actual markings of brick and had 2 dowels in back to support it.

The Pool was molded over a piece of plastic I found in my kitchen.

The Mohawk skateboarder was made out of fondant with toothpicks to hold him together and grind box had 2 mini hershey’s covered in fondant

The Skull was cut out of fondant with a cut out that was used for the mini skateboard invitations we made.

Everything was painted after it dried using a food coloring and vanilla mixture.

This cake was a huge hit. We were giving cake to everyone there because they thought it was so cool!

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