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Coolest Halloween Cupcakes

These Halloween cupcakes can be time-consuming but I love making them. They are very easy and so much fun to do!

This is my recipe:

I bake the cupcakes and let them cool. I then melt vanilla chips and color them: green for Frankenstein, red for a devil or leave white for a ghost or skeleton head.

After frosting the cupcakes in their relevant colors, I dip marshmallows in the melted colored vanilla chips to form the heads.

For Frankenstein’s hair, I dip the top of the green-colored marshmallow in chocolate shots. I use M&M’s for Frankenstein’s bolts and add them when the icing is still soft. Once the green is dry, I use black gel for the eyes, nose and mouth and red for the scars on the face.

For Frankenstein’s bride, I use chocolate frosting for her hair and swirl it around and around with a frosting gun. I use chocolate shots for the eyebrows, green frosting for the eyes, pink for the mouth and silver dragees for earrings. To make the earrings stick, add a little frosting.

For the devil, I dip the marshmallow head in the melted red vanilla chips and, while still soft, I cut a red M&M in half and add it for the eyes. Once dry, I use black gel or chocolate frosting for the nose, mouth and beard. The horns are also chocolate frosting.

The ghost or skeleton heads are the easiest. I just dip in the melted white vanilla chips, leave to dry and then add black gel for the eyes and mouth. I promise you, if you make these, they will be a hit every time! Good luck & Happy Halloween!

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