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Coolest Skull and Cross Bones Cake

I made 50 cupcakes and a 6″ smash cake for a friend’s daughter’s fifth birthday.

I made 25 strawberry mix cupcakes, 25 chocolate mix cupcakes, and the 6″ smash cake was strawberry. I tied black, pink and white ribbon into bows around each cupcake liner. I made homemade buttercream icing with the C&H Sugar recipe.

I made some of the icing strawberry flavored, using strawberry extract. It can be purchased at your grocery store. I piped the strawberry icing onto the strawberry cupcakes with a #12 tip. I piped the vanilla buttercream onto the chocolate cupcakes, also using a #12 tip.

I made over 50 pink hearts out of fondant a few days prior and left them to dry. I used black buttercream to pipe, on each heart, the number 5 and letter M, which stood for her age and first initial. I placed the hearts on the cupcakes as toppers.

I leveled the 6″ cake, placed icing on my board which I had covered in silver foil, and placed the cake upside down on the board. It is easier to ice the cake by doing this and the icing on the board holds the cake in place as if it was glue. I then colored some of my MMF to the colors I wanted and, using a paper print-out from a party invitation as a guide, I cut out the pink skull and crossbones from fondant, using an exacto knife. I pieced it together and put in on the top of the cake.

I then piped the bead border, the name and the number 5 on the cake. I added dried fondant hearts to the side and top of the cake. The birthday girl was happy and mom is going to order cakes from me from now on!

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