My best friend was having a little girl and asked me to make her baby shower cake for her.  When I asked what kind of theme she wanted for the cake she gave me the widest category there is: princess.  Well at first I had no idea what I should do for the cake and then I realized that she was naming her daughter Aurora (Sleep Beauty’s real name!).  This one simple idea then got me to thinking about how I could give her a princess themed cake and have it fit with the Disney movie to boot! I had so much fun with this cake and loved making it too.  I knew that I wanted to have all the fairies on the cake and thought that I could add the dragon in there to REALLY show that it was Sleeping Beauty.  However, putting a fearsome dragon on a cake that is for a baby shower isn’t the most “cheerful” thing to do. Then I remembered that in the movie the fairy put everyone to sleep while they fight the dragon and so you have the green fairy putting the dragon to sleep.  This was my first ever fondant tiered cake and will most certainly not be my last!