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Coolest Sleeping Beauty Birthday Cake

I made this Sleeping Beauty cake for my daughter’s 6th birthday party. The girls were really excited and all ate a piece of Sleeping Beauty’s dress. I got the idea from another cake on this site, but it looked quite complex, with gum paste and fondant, plus there were no real directions.

Here is what I did:

I baked a rectangular yellow cake. I cut it in half and put one on top of the other, first trimming the borders to make it even and spreading Nutella between the layers. I then used the borders of the cake to make the pillow, the skirt, shaped as an A, and her square-shaped top.

I then covered the sides of the bed with white buttercream. I piped the bedspread with the star tip. I then made Sleeping Beauty’s head out of marzipan; a little ball for the head with a mini ball in the center as a nose. Then, with a toothpick, I marked out the mouth and eyes. I painted the mouth with red writing icing.

For the hair, I painted the buttercream yellow and piped it with the little hole tip. I started the dress with the light pink, making the inner part of the skirt and the top, then did the dark pink and, finally, used the light pink again for the sleeves. Before finishing the sleeves, I arranged the hands; I made a little snake of marzipan and again used a toothpick to mark the fingers. In this way, I was able to make it look as if the hands were inside the sleeves.

The bed frame consisted of Mikado sticks for the headboard and little chocolate covered rolls for the footboard. On the side, I put a cookie crown and, on the bottom, some more Mikado sticks to complete the frame.

My daughter’s name was written using cookies.

It was actually fairly simple, I was very surprised. And a HUGE hit.

Coolest Sleeping Beauty Birthday Cake

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