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Coolest Slumber Party 16

I got this idea for a slumber party cake from this website! We have 5 girls in our family with birthdays within 30 days so my sister-in-law and I made a slumber party cake with 5 girls on it.

First, we made a 9X13 cake (half chocolate, half white). After leveling the top flat, we frosted it with pink buttercream frosting to make the “sheet” color of the bed. We then used 5 Twinkies to form the bodies of the five girls.

We used fondant to form the heads. Use food coloring gel to get the flesh color. We also used fondant for the hair, making it resemble each girl. Squeeze the fondant through a garlic press to make it look like hair. Black decorating gel makes the eyes. The “blanket” is rolled out white fondant. The pink “flat sheet” is a strip of fondant colored pink and laid on top of the blanket. A marshmallow is used for the pillow (we used strawberry). We used jumbo confetti sprinkles for the dots on the blanket.

Each girl also got their own cake. We used mini bread pans to make the individual cakes. Each cake was decorated differently with just a fondant blanket, a marshmallow pillow and a stuffed animal made with fondant.

Fondant is very fun to use! It’s like play-doh. Just don’t let it get wet or too warm. Coloring fondant is challenging. Have fun and make sure you have many hours available to complete this cake!

Slumber Party Cake

Slumber Party Cake

Slumber Party Cake

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  1. Omg. your cake is awesome. im gunna make it for my very own slumber party which is in one week on the last day of school. i hope mine turns out like urs.. u did an awesome job. keep up the cakes!!!!!!


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