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Coolest Slumber Party Birthday Cake

I made this Slumber Party Birthday Cake for my daughter’s 11th birthday sleepover party. I used a combination of ideas I found here, as well as making up some of my own.

The cake is two 9×13 layers iced with white buttercream. I made a pound cake recipe for the bottom layer to help support the additional weight of all the fondant.

I “built” the heads/hair on a cookie sheet, let them set a bit, and later transferred them to the cake. I used “copper” gel coloring (sparingly) and packaged white fondant for the skin tone, and each head is probably just under two inches. Tiny fondant balls are the noses. The hair is colored fondant pressed through a garlic press (adhere it to the head by painting a little water on it with a paintbrush). Longer hair is more difficult—just be patient, piece what you can. The facial features were piped from tubes of Wilton red and black, using tip #1. The cheeks are done with pink petal dust and a small dry paintbrush (use very sparingly and brush from the center out).

The bodies are Twinkies with the bottom 3rd cut off lengthwise. The pillows are *giant* (not just large) marshmallows I found at Wal-Mart. Cut them to just under half lengthwise and put them sticky-side down on the bed. Next, place Twinkie bodies and heads (I used a small spatula to move the heads from the cookie sheet to the bed). The blanket is white fondant. Roll to about 10×20 inches and drape over cake. Trim blanket all around to fit. I used fondant cutters and pre-colored fondant to make the layered flower designs and blanket trim, which I adhered with a little water.

I had more kids than bed space, so I made two 6×4 inch sleeping bags out of fondant and draped them over trimmed Twinkie bodies. I rolled the edges under for a more finished, 3-D look. Pillows and heads I did the same as the bed. The two little boys (brother and cousin) are peeking out from under the bed.

My girls made the “accessories” (the teddy bear blanket, the cat on the bed, etc.) out of leftover fondant. Candles are stuck into leftover, thickly-cut fondant flowers glued to the board with leftover tube frosting.

The cake was a huge hit! Each child enjoyed “finding themselves” on the cake.

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