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Coolest Snow Angel Cake

This is my version of the “Barbie cakes”. This snow angel cake was my first attempt to make a cake like this with no directions or guidelines. I kind of figured out how to do it with what I had at home. None of the fancy kits that you see in craft stores! I simply bought 2 red velvet cake mixes and 2 cans of cream cheese icing and a cheap Barbie doll from the dollar store, and used my own creativity.

I baked one cake in my 9×9 round pan(spring form is the best!), and the other I baked in my regular Pyrex bowl. Once cakes were done I stuck them straight in the freezer. This helps the icing to go on smoother with less cake crumbs, and it makes your cake extra moist. After the cakes cooled just enough to be iced, but not frozen, I trimmed the top side of the round cake to make it as level as possible, then I trimmed the flatter side of the Pyrex cake to make it level. After gently and evenly sitting the Pyrex cake (flat side down) on top of the round cake, I trimmed any uneven edges, ensuring that the overall shape would be acceptable for the dress.

Next, I removed the top cake to ice the bottom layer, and then I added the top on again and iced the whole cake. I simply spooned some of the left over cream cheese icing into a Ziploc bag and cut a small hole in the corner of the bag to squeeze icing on for details on the snow angel’s dress. Before inserting the top half of the doll (I had to remove her legs to fit), I fixed her hair and designed a lighted halo and two lighted mini marshmallow clouds for her hands. The halo was simply a small piece of wire that I removed from a bread wrapper with a battery operated light underneath in her hair.

I used two more bread wrapper wires to string 4 mini marshmallows and wrap on her hands. The lights were strung on the wire also. Then I eased the doll down into the center of the cake and iced her top on. For the angels wings I used longer bread wrapper wires and strung about 15 mini marshmallows on each of the two wires, and shaped them like wings and just stuck them down into the cake.

For extra flare of the wings, I happened to have some white feathers so I stuck them into the back behind the marshmallow wings. Perfect surprise for a sweet little angel on her birthday.

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